The new generation of fitness apps has arrived!
idoo – helps you to learn the perfect exercises.
This is your 7th sense!

idoo is the first exercise app of its kind that measures your performance as you workout. With idoo you have your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

This awesome app's uniqueness is due to an algorithm that uses several sensors in your smartphone to compare your movements with the correct motion required by the exercise. idoo features many exercises designed for different muscles groups and body parts.
With easy to follow step-by-step instructions, idoo teaches you how to correctly perform each exercise. Your personal trainer will take you through the introduction and warm-ups and then you are on your way to a smooth and effective workout. You are in good hands all the way as your personal trainer monitors every move you make. At the end of each exercise you can immediately see how many calories you have burnt and how well you have performed.

Reaching your goal for a healthier and more beautiful You has never been easier! Look no further than the palm of your hand.



Do variable exercises with your phone in your hand effortlessly anytime and anywhere. From now your phone becomes your fitness tool. It tracks your movements and helps you to live consciously, not loosing your vitality.


Make your trainer original and unique. Change skin color, hair style, and dress them up with the newest fitness outfits. You can even get them pajamas purchasing the early wake up workout!

Personal trainer

Have a mobile personal trainer who will navigate you in the world of entertaining fitness. She demonstrates all the exercises and helps you to improve your accuracy. She is there to assess your movements.


Learn the ideal movements and follow your progress: check weight loss, the amount of burnt calories and the time you spent on exercising.

iDoo Trainers


Regular exercise has made me fit and boosted my confidence and self-image. I feel fit and healthy and people can no longer hurt me with names. My best friend Chill Bill used to be overweight and he suffered the same way I did. Now we are both proud to be virtual trainers and enjoy helping others. Always remember: sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. So why not do something to boost your confidence and energy today - let’s have fun exercising together!

To get to know me better download idoo from
Exercising regularly and becoming fit has been a major contributing factor to this. I was always overweight and as a kid teased a lot for it, just like my friend Kim was for being too thin. I was also always really stressed as I was running my own business and my work wasn’t just nine to five. Then I discovered the fact that I didn’t need to go to the gym to exercise. The most amazing change in my life is not only my physical shape but the way I can handle stress and even conflict in a chilled out and healthy way. The best way to be liked by others is to start liking and approving of yourself. So start making changes to your life today, grab your smartphone and let’s chill out and exercise together!

Exercise with me daily

Personal trainer

The Benefits of idoo for Personal Trainers:

Take the workouts with you when you visit clients at their homes, offices, and even outdoors! idoo is a portable training tool you can take and use anywhere, and because it’s a smartphone app, you already have all the equipment you need!

idoo lets you give your clients homework and then check their results! This keeps your clients working even when you’re not with them, making you an even more effective personal trainer.

Make your workouts variable and entertaining by combining your standard techniques with idoo workouts. Keeping clients guessing will also create better results, as variety is a key factor in avoiding the plateau effect.

idoo is perfect for posture development and upper body workouts, including the back, neck, chest, shoulders and arms. Your clients will be more self-confident when they stand taller and appear slimmer, thanks to their new postural awareness.


If your clients have desk jobs or work with computers and complain of back and neck pain, you can choose idoo exercises to help eliminate these problems. Have your clients take regular breaks with idoo exercises to alleviate pain, reduce stress and increase blood flow, possibly even improving their work performance!

Are you interested in developing workouts for idoo?

Contact the idoo Team by submitting the contact form. Don't forget to give us your specialty, if you have any, as yoga, TRX, Zumba...etc.



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